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Black & Color Copies
  We have copiers that print black as well as color for you to use. If you prefer, our friendly staff will assist you to make copies. We also have conveniently located computer workstations and wireless internet. Bring in your portable device and print to our copiers. You can also email your documents and we can print them out and have them ready for you to pick up. "We are just a call, click or quick trip away."

We have a large selection of papers and envelopes in many weights and colors, which you can use for self or full service copying.

Large Format Copies
  Our Xerox large print copier can print up to 36" wide and as long as needed. You could use this for quick high quality reproduction of maps, blue prints, patterns, and more.

Heat Transfers
   Bring in your favorite picture or design and we can copy it onto a heat transfer and press it onto your favorite shirt or quilt square!